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Q. Where are the doves available?
Our doves are available for special occasions in the Yorkshire area.
Our doves reside in clean, safe and comfortable lofts located on our property in Ossett W. Yorks.

Q. How far can the doves fly?
Our doves are capable of flying for many miles, weather permitting. We only allow our doves to fly within a 50 mile radius from their home loft. This is to ensure their safety and allow them ample time to fly home before dusk.

Q. What happens to the doves after they are released?
Our doves are trained to fly back to their home loft. Only those that have been properly bred with the “homing” instinct and correctly trained will be able to fly home.

Q. How do the doves know where “home” is?
Nobody really knows, but well trained doves can navigate 100’s of miles to find their way home.

Q. We don’t want to hold the doves.
You can choose to release the doves directly from a decorated basket.
The doves will be able to fly free and make their way home.

Q. What time of the day can the doves be released?
The doves can be released at just about anytime you choose, but there are two restrictions… We do not release our doves any later than sunset. This is to ensure that they have enough daylight to navigate their way home.
Nor will we release our doves in the dark.

Q. As the doves fly overhead, will they leave droppings on the guests?
No. They are not fed the night before your event to prevent any “accidents”.

Q. Will the dove make a mess on me if I hold it?
We will ensure that you are holding the dove in such a way to minimise the chance of this happening. A well trained and calm release dove should never “deposit” while being held.

Q. Aren’t the doves messy?
No, actually our doves are very clean. Our doves love to bathe regularly,
their feathers are pure white and have a clean satin appearance.

Q. How many doves make up a release?
For a funeral or a memorial, one white dove is a popular choice.
For a wedding you may choose to have two white doves, one for the bride and one for the groom to release together. You could release a flock of a dozen doves or more to make a real impact on the day.

Q. What if the weather is bad on the day of the release?
We will not release our doves in bad weather, such as, heavy rain, strong winds, snow, fog or excessive heat. We reserve the right to cancel the dove release. We will not jeopardise the health and well being of our doves. If the release is cancelled by us due to bad weather, we will promptly return all payment made.

Proud members of the RSPB

Proud members of the RSPB